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Tornum Ltd can offer a comprehensive range of aspirators, grain cleaning equipment, graders and separators solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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This range of machinery aims to help you remove impurities to leave a clean sample of the material that you are handling.

Traditional ‘dust and chaff’ Aspirators

These work by spreading the incoming grain over a screen, then air is used to vacuum clean the grain and remove the dust and chaff

Dust and chaff aspirators are available in capacities from 30tph to 150tph

Heavy Duty Aspirators

Grain enters the cleaner body via a built-in duct, this directs the grain centrally to an inverted cone, where it cascades and drops into an outlet hopper. A gap between the cone and hopper pulls the air through the grain, so that any particles lighter than the grain are removed from the sample. An adjustable air control is fitted to the fan unit to regulate the airflow when cleaning lighter crops. Unlike conventional ‘dust and chaff’ extractors, the grain curtain over the cone is very thin to provide good separation of this lighter material

There are four models of heavy duty aspirator and these are available in capacities from 40tph to 150tph.

Image of grain cleaning equipment at a grain cleaning and processing site
Image showing a heavy duty aspirator at a grain cleaning equipment plant

Grain Cleaners and Graders

As grain quality becomes more important to ensure the best possible prices are achieved, more and more people are looking towards grain cleaners as the answer.

Simple grain cleaning can be achieved by way of an aspirator however if a truly clean sample is required then a cleaner designed specifically for this task will be needed. Depending on the separation task, we can offer various machine types to suit your individual requirement, including:

  • pre-cleaners
  • de-stoners
  • combi-cleaners
  • fine cleaners
  • graders
  • gravity separators
Image showing grain cleaning equipment and processing plant

Magnets and Separators

We are able to offer metal and plastic separators for use within the materials processing industry and the recycling industry. We also specialise in magnetic separators designed for the food and beverage industry. Their applications include:

  • Food processing
  • Beverage industries
  • Household waste
  • Plastic recycling
  • Woodchip / biomass
  • Electronic waste
  • Minerals and mining
  • Scrap metal
  • Aggregates/glass

Products specific to the food processing industry include:

  • Grate magnets
  • Plate magnets
  • Bullet magnets
  • Liquid pipeline magnets
  • Hopper magnets
  • Screening magnets
  • Tube and bar magnets
  • Suspension magnets
  • Drum magnets
  • Stainless magnets

Products specific to the food processing industry include:

  • Eddy current separators for non-ferrous metal separation
  • Near-infrared technology for plastic separation
  • X-ray/colour sorting
  • 3D sensors for shape recognition
  • High gradient separators for salt, coal, sand, glass and slag separation
  • Overband magnets
  • Induction sorting
  • Drum and pulley magnets
  • Magnetic pulley
  • Wet drum separator

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