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Intelligent grain drying to cut costs and increase productivity

Drying grain precisely is a complex process, but doing it correctly achieves the best possible grain quality for the best price. Relying on manual drying can risk either not attaining the desired moisture content, or over-drying the grain which is a costly exercise. Overstepping the mark by drying to 13% instead of 14% can typically add up to 20% to your energy bill, whilst simultaneously reducing your driers capacity by up to 16%. This is where the Tornum IDC software can help…

Let the Tornum Intelligent Drier Control (IDC) do all the hard work!

IDC is a software based control system which can be used in continuous flow grain dryers to monitor and control the out-going moisture content. One sensor is placed in the upper drying section of the drier and measures the incoming moisture content. The second sensor is placed in the cooling zone close to the drier outlet and measures the outgoing moisture levels. By using and monitoring this information, the control unit sets the speed of the drier discharge in order to obtain the required average moisture content of the grain, irrespective of outside weather conditions. By taking the guesswork out of the drying process the risk of over-drying is kept to a minimum and consistent moisture levels are more easily achieved.

As fewer man-hours are needed to monitor the drying process, labour costs are also reduced. The IDC kit is available in 4 different sizes with 2 or 4 moisture sensors depending on the drier size. Temperature sensors can also be provided if more detailed information is required about the drying process.


  • Reduced drying costs
  • Increased drying capacity
  • Total control over the drying process
  • Change grain type and drying activity at the touch of a button
  • Optimised drying process
  • Intelligent software adapts to different conditions
  • Easy to install
  • An instantly profitable investment
Chart showing the example cost of over drying wheat

As demonstrated below the user-friendly IDC interface shows all the information needed.

Image showing the Tornum IDC user interface

This graph of incoming and out-going moisture content is just one of the ways the statistics collated by the IDC can be presented in an easy to read format.

Graphic showing how the incoming and outgoing moisture is collated by the Tornum IDC software
Graphic showing the benefits of the Tornum Intelligent Dryer Control software

TORNUM Grain Cooler

A Tornum Grain Cooler accomplishes what nature cannot always provide – safe storage temperature regardless of ambient conditions.

Once grain is cooled, it retains its temperature for a long time. With a Tornum Grain Cooler, you usually only have to cool the grain once for it to retain the perfect temperature. The Tornum Grain Cooler can be linked up to virtually all storage systems, as long as there are good conditioning options. All types of granular material requiring low storage temperatures can be cooled with the Tornum Grain Cooler.

As less energy is needed to cool the grain to safe storage conditions compared to drying it, substantial quantities of energy can be saved, reducing the impact on global warming.
Safeguarding storage conditions also reduces grain loss, which is a major benefit for the environment. The Tornum Grain Cooler also uses 80 percent less refrigerant compared to traditional cooling systems on the market.

Grain is a living crop and loses both weight and value as it breathes. If the storage temperature is too high, you risk insect attacks and the grain rotting. It is estimated that at least 10 percent of all stored crops are damaged from insect attacks every year. By storing grain at the right temperature and humidity, you can reduce such losses to a minimum.

Some of the advantages of the tornum grain cooler:
• Eliminates the need for insecticides
• Drying effect during cooling of grain with 15 percent moisture content or more – each 10 °C temperature reduction provides a 0.5–0.75 percent drying effect
• Always safe storage conditions
• Low running costs



Tornum’s self-discharging bin ST is specially designed for storing grain and is available in several different sizes. It can be assembled at ground level in sections which are then lifted together.

• Made from hot-dip galvanized steel
• Each section has a vertical height of 505 mm
• Can be expanded by adding sections onto the main hopper
• Smooth interior surfaces makes it easy to clean and suitable for wet grain
• The design allows several assembly methods, which saves time
• Outlet 200 x 200 mm
• The hopper is completely screwable and equipped with square legs

• Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Conditioning lateral
• Level indicator
• Temperature monitoring
• Outlet connection
• Partitioning wall



Tornum Bulk Loading Bin UT

Tornum’s bulk loading bin for grain storage ensures fast and efficient loading. The height and width are adapted to large vehicles which can easily be loaded as they drive through. The bin has a very robust design with a square-barred lattice frame. The bulk loading bin is also extremely easy to install and is assembled with screws and nuts.

• Made from hot-dip galvanized sheet steel
• Storage sections are 505 mm high and can be extended to the desired volume
• Smooth interior surfaces for easy cleaning
• The construction allows several installation methods, which saves time.
• The bin outlet is 300 x 300 mm and is fitted with a rack slide that can be manoeuvred from floor level using a control rod
• Standard clearance beneath the rack slide is 4,620 mm

• Level indicator
• Inspection hatch with safety grid, floor mounted
• Partitioning wall
• Shutter with controls
• Motorised shutter
• Ladder
• Hand rails



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